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Thursday, 25 August 2016

10-year-old Arya Permana couldn't walk, stand or sit properly after doctors found out he weighed more than 30 stone months ago. Fast forward to this week, the Indian teenager has learnt how to walk again as is back in classes with his mates - who weigh 6 to 8 times less than himself.

Arya is still finding it hard to sit or stand for a long time so he's got a special mat where he can lay down and or sleep whenever he feels like. In addition to the luxury, he doesn't need to wear the "tiny" school uniforms other students wear and he's privileged with a lot of toys to play with inside the classroom during and after classes.

His mum, 35-year-old Rokayah Somantri is relived over Arya's improved condition:
"My son was growing up at a rapid rate and we were worried for his health.

"But now we are happy that he has guidance of doctors and have in fact lost some weight.

"I cannot wait to see him happy and healthy like other kids."
His personal physician, Dr. Nantia, added:
"We have designed a diet and activity program for him. We recommended to his family a month ago. We have reduced his diet and increased his physical activity. We have also adjusted his sleep pattern.

"We have included lots of fibre vegetables in his diet and reduced carbohydrates. But the program would be upgraded from time to time.

"Our main focus is on his physical activity currently. The more he walks and plays, the more calories he will burn." 
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