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Monday, 29 August 2016

Clergyman Daniel Obinim dazzled many people when he said he'll deal with his detractors as he is set to become "god" soon (read here).

The head pastor of International God's Way Church was recorded on video saying:
"I have more than 20 houses given to me by Jesus Christ.

"I saw Jesus Christ in my dreams, who said: ‘Collect this angelic gift.’ So, if I’m faithful to Jesus Christ, maybe the next spiritual gift He will confer on me will be a replica of what happened in Exodus Chapter 7 in the Bible where God told Moses: ‘Now I’ve made you God, so whatever you say is final.’ But now God has not made me God. Maybe the next time God will say: ‘Obinim, now I’ve made you a god, you can even conjure up money."
So, here are some of pastor Obinim's 20 cars brought to you by Somtoo.com:

Click here to see more cars.

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You need to read this:


  1. How can more than 3 cars have the same number plate.. get ur stories straight

  2. That's a customise number plate the number is actually the name

  3. Not the name but the number (1-12)


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