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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky is the bleached Nigerian guy who is giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money (according to him). He flaunted tons of money given to him by "bae" and claims to drive at least 3 cars recently but now one Mahmood Saka has accused Idris of living a fake life.
Mahmood wrote:
"Bobrisky is currently living in a boys quarters in Lekki Phase I. The current occupant of the main building is my friend. His sublet is yet to expire so my friend can't evict or do anything abt his occupancy of the BQ.

"Last month Idris borisky brought some strange guy he met on facebook to the BQ around 1am while my friend and his family were asleep. It was later that day that the estate manager informed my friend of the fracas that went down between bobrisky and the guy he brought home.

"No one has an idea what happened between them, but bobrisky ran half naked to the estate gate pursuing the guy. The security guards in the estate called the police. The guy said bobrisky tried to rape him, bobrisky said the guy tried to rob him.

"The estate authorities met and insisted he needs to move out of the estate because he is now a security risk. Today my friend just found out bobrisky has been bragging again online about getting some imaginary millions from whoever. .

"My friend has a 5 year old daughter and bobrisky's actions have put his family in danger. Residents of the estate are currently freaking out because of all these drama. Bobrisky claiming some imaginary fellow gave him 7 million could make people with sinister motive trace him to the estate.

"Bobrisky is a broke ass who stays in the BQ he currently occupies from morning till night. We have never seen any important person visit him, except some scruffy looking fellows during the weekends. He claims he owns a Benz and Lexus SUV. .

"The Lexus SUV is my friends car! I am shocked he claims he owns the car. Pictured is bobrisky's car parked outside the gate. He is not allowed to park inside. That's the only thing he owns. He has been served a quit notice and the estate authorities are working to evict him."
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