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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

From a female blog reader:
I must cut cap for you first,well done and keep up the good job.

I did not plan to get married very soon,but because the dick was good and every girl wanted him,so I felt lucky. We did our introduction and white wedding. My problem now is that he lost his job and life has become so difficult for us,even to feed is a big deal for us,the dick now even irritates me when he will be coming to climb me under heat,I can boldly say without financial back up sex is just waste of time.

My husband confided in me that a sugar mummy is willing to help him but he has to be sleeping with her before she can assist him,and he already lied to her that he was very single and not married. I gave him a go ahead and he has been sleeping with her and bringing money home,this has been going on and our life has been so good not until the woman found out about me and threatened to throw him out and collect both the job ,house and car she bought him,but my husband pleaded and pleaded when the woman concluded that he must divorce me and show her the papers before she gives him back everything.now my husband is asking us to divorce,that after he is done milking the woman we will remarry me again.

He promised to still me there for me and provide but we have to play this game. Personally I think this is too expensive,should I dance to the music? Or just face poverty? Or should we just look for another sugar mummy. Really confused.
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