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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

From a female blog reader:
After donating blood for him I just feel he owes me his life.The truth is that I did not know Obinna from Adams,I just went to the hospital to get my test result and I saw the hod of the blood bank department talking to every one and asking if any body was willing to save a life.I got interested and decided to help,they screened my blood and I was good to go,I donated all I could and they where able to sustain him,few days later I went back and insisted on seeing the person I gave my blood to and they allowed me,this guy was so cute,tall, bearded and looked very calm. He thanked me and we got talking.

That was how I continued visiting until he was discharged and ok. Things was going on fine not until his so called girlfriend surfaced and he officially introduced her to me,so I had to distance my self. Now I feel used and dumped, where was his so called gf when I was donating my blood? I attempted knocking her down on 3 occasions but my conscience won't let me.

How do I win his love back,he is carrying my blood, he has me inside of him and i can feel him too. Please advise me on how to go about this,I can't be living while my blood is with another. Help me.
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