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Thursday, 11 August 2016

A group of youths from Umomi, Ofu LGA of Kogi State were protesting on Wednesday 10 August 2016 when a team of policemen opened fire on them, killing two and injuring others. As soon as the policemen saw the irate crowd had began charging at them, they reportedly fled the scene while sounding gunshots in the air in an escape eyewitness described as "just like in scene of a bank robbery attack where the robbers shoot in the air and flee after they've carted away their loot."
One of the youths, Jeremiah Idege, narrating what led to the protest, said:
"We have issues with the Fulani herdsmen and that has been on for as long as 15 years. They have been destroying our farmland with reckless abandon. As I speak with you, our community is wrecked.

"The little we have left was ravaged again by their cows recently and we reported the matter at the Ugwolawo Police Division. We were given four policemen to follow us to assess the level of damage done to our crops.

"Later, the police said we should come to a roundtable meeting with the herdsmen so they could resolve the case; but we refused. We just asked them to leave in peace. If we collect any money from them, they will say they have bought the lands and they will completely take over what we have left.

"It was learnt that a few days after the mediation failed, the herdsmen reported that some cows had been killed by the residents."
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