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Monday, 15 August 2016

From a male blog reader:
My people, my girlfriend slapped me in public just because a guy slapped her and I did not slap him back.

I was in the car answering call while she came down before me,I did not know what transpired between my girl and one guy that looks like an armed robber, i just heard her shouting and I quickly jumped out of the car, the only thing my girl was shouting was how dear you slap me,dragging the guy on his shirt while the guy was pushing her. So I noticed the guys hands was in his pocket,so I was being careful let him not go and be a gun or knife he was trying to bring. So I was calming the guy down and asking him what happened, holding my girl and asking her to get into the car.

My. Girlfriend was just shouting baby slap him, beat him up, break his head and all that, but me I was concerned about our lives and safety first. So I was trying to resolve the problem when my girlfriend just came from behind and gave me a hot slap calling me a coward, the guy started laughing at me. I just entered my car left her and drove off.

She has not called me for 2weeks now after that, I want to know if I was wrong or I should call her and apologize or bone her ? Just help Annalise the case please.
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