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Monday, 29 August 2016

Controversial OAP Freeze will surely be carefully with his utterances on social media after he was sacked by his employer Cool FM on Friday (read here).
Thankfully, his boss Amin Moussalli has intervened, forgiving and retracting the sack letter that was served the controversial OAP last weekend.
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You need to read this:


  1. Copied from FB....


    1. Light Skin OAP wristwatches cost N25.5m and above while Dreadlocks Comedian  cost N25, 500 and below.

    2.   Light Skin OAP is a Half cast while Dreadlocks Comedian  is 100% local content.

    3. Light Skin OAP break homes, including his own, his Baby mamas home,  attempt on Noble Igwe and Basket homes while Dreadlocks Comedian build homes including his and selling tables to families in his shows.

    4.  Light Skin OAP is a tele evengelist preaches well and brilliantly quotes the bible  while Dreadlocks Comedian is a church goer and sits outside church even when there are empty sits inside and does not have a Bible.

    5.  Light Skin OAP was a salary earner and was sacked from FM on 26th August 2016 during salary negotiations While Dreadlocks Comedian Pays salary and sacks his staffs during salary negotiations.

    6.  Light Skin OAP is an employee including his OAP friends like Dan Foster, Yaw etc while Dreadlocks Comedian is a Boss including his comedian friends like Bovi, Ali Baba etc

    7.  Light Skin OAP knows Dreadlocks Comedian's wife  first while Dreadlocks Comedian arrived latter.

    8.  Light Skin OAP is happily divorced  while Dreadlocks Comedian is happily  married.

    9.  Light Skin OAP is currently an applicant sending CV's to Linda Ikeji 's Radio, etc while Dreadlocks Comedian is hiring staff and collecting CV's from applicants.

    10.  Light Skin OAP was very happy throughout thursday 25th August and very sad since Friday noon while Dreadlocks Comedian was very sad throughout Thursday 25th August and happy and celebrating since Friday noon. 

    11.  Light Skin OAP current baby mama is someone's wife while Dreadlocks Comedian baby is not a mama.

    12.  Light Skin OAP ex wife beats him up silly if he misbehave while Dreadlocks Comedian softly beats up his wife if she misbehaves.

    13.  Light Skin OAP immediate problem is to move out of company accommodation before eviction party while Dreadlocks Comedian immediate problem is to buy a N25.5m wristwatche and wear it to get crash  Light Skin OAP eviction party.

    14.  Light Skin OAP get sacked trying to make people laugh while Dreadlocks Comedi get paid trying to make people laugh.

    15.  Light Skin OAP is planning a revenge on Dreadlocks Comedian and his group while Dreadlocks Comedian's group is planning on how to reduce money for December comedy shows.

    16.  Light Skin OAP may be employed by Linda Ikeji Radio with ristricted access to only the new Lekki porsh office while Dreadlocks Comedian  will remain friends to Spinster Linda Ikeji  Light Skin OAP new Boss) with unlimited access to her palatial Banana Island home inclusive of pent house.

    17.  Light Skin OAP is thinking of selling just 3 of his several  luxurious wristwatche @N77m to buy same type of Dreadlocks Comedian  house while Dreadlocks Comedian  is thinking of renting out or short letting his BQ to  Light Skin OAP & his illegal baby mama.

    18.  Light Skin OAP is thinking of becoming a blogger or working as a staff in an old female blogger's new radio stations while Dreadlocks Comedian  is still thinking and confused on weather to use all his life savings to buy a N25.5m wristwatche.

    19.  Light Skin OAP is a tenant in a studio apartment  company accommodation in 1004 Estate V/I with a fresh quit notice and currently checking eviction time on his expensive wristwatche in his small and uncomfortable bed while Dreadlocks Comedian  is a landlord and does not check his cheap watches before going to his large and comfortable bed.


    1. There are both popular  Celebrities and funny people

    2. There are both handsome and good looking with good dress sense.

    3. The both of them are based in Lagos and ex Friends.

    4. There are both friends with Spinster Linda Ikeji (that's why she's not posting any of the current bestselleing news)

    6. The both of them have thrown shades on each others wife/ex.

    6. The both of them are afraid of Prophet TB Joshua.

    7. There both know Dreadlocks Comedian's wife

    8. The both of them will always remember the last week of August 2016.

    9. There will both read my post with mixed feelings.


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