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Thursday, 25 August 2016

According to Facebook user Lopex Escandell (pictured),
Please I beg you all with everything you hold dearly, don't you ever leave anything permanent on your body most especially your face.

I drew a permanent eyebrow when I was 18 because drawing a perfect brow was a barrier for me since I wasn't really good in fine and aplied arts(practicals only) so I took to drawing permanent tattoos cos that was the in thing then.

Now I'm stuck, I can't slay a perfect brow cos the permanent tattoo is now a stumbling block to my shine.

Please when you notice my eyebrow isn't properly slayed blame it on youthful exuberance and not the me of today.

Today so many of us look at the mirror and can't see our real selves, fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes, 7kilos of makeup on our faces, breast implants, botox injections all these for the attention and that Miss Thang and Queening attitude that we want to sholve down into the upcoming generation's throat !

Bad manners aren't attractive, it's so much easier and relaxing to just be ourselves and if the rest of the world does not accept you, they will get over it.. Wisdom is profitable to direct.
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