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Monday, 29 August 2016

Members of St. Yoseph Catholic Church in Indonesia descended on a would-be suicide bomber identified as Ivan Hasugian after his explosive failed to detonate during a filled Sunday mass on 28 August 2016.
The teenager said to be carrying a drawing of an ISIS flag alongside his ID card resorted to an attempt to butcher the priest, Rev Fr. Albert Pandiangan, with an axe when he bomb plot failed to work, however, the congregation was quick to descend on him before any more harm could be done. Luckily, the priest only sustained minor injuries on his left arm.

Police chief Nur Fallah confirming the incident said:
"Somebody tried to kill the priest by pretending to attend the church service and at that time tried to explode something, like a firecracker, but the firecracker didn't explode, it only fumed."

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